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How to become a student
    All new applicants will have to complete testing in the following areas: English, Mathematics & Science. We additionally interview all candidates with a foreign teacher to check their Oral English and if they are suitable for this international program.
    Academic abilities are just one of the things that we are looking for when we consider whether or not a student is suitable for enrolment to Bozhou No.1 School. We would stress that parents should not just rely on academic ability to correctly gauge whether their child is able to study at the Bozhou No.1 school International program. 
    The stated aims of our international program is to prepare students for entry into International universities. We also consider that by choosing Bozhou No.1 you make a choice to provide the best for your child and you invest in your family and its future by giving your child the best education possible. 
    There are only a limited number of student places available each year and competition can be tough. We always look for students who are academically talented and hard working, however the criteria for entry can be a little different to that of local Chinese schools so please feel free to come and have a look around the school on one of our open days to get a feel for the educational environment and opportunities that we have. All assessments’ of potential students are treated in the strictest confidentiality. 
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Combining the three needs of young children: Academic - Social - Physical, our extracurricular activities encourage students to improve and practice their English within a fun and pressure free environment.  more...