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Professional Teachers Sought

    Radical Lifestyle Change

    Professional Teachers, especially with subjects such as: Physics, Mathematics, Business & Economics

    Start September 2014 Salary: 16,000rmb to 20,000rmb per month. 

    Location: China



    Are you looking for a complete lifestyle upheaval? Can you immerse yourself in a Chinese backwater town and focus solely on making students understand and appreciate your chosen subject? Do you want experience a side of China not seen in Beijing or Shanghai. A city without Starbucks and Burger King on every corner? Essentially located in the middle of nowhere, Bozhou International School is currently recruiting suitably qualified teachers. A certain type of teacher: Are you independent with a strong sense of self sufficiency? Can you survive in a city with less than 10 other foreigners? Do you have an interest in Chinese Culture, Learning Mandarin and Oriental Health & Excersise?

    No? Then this is not the teaching position for you.

    Please apply at one of the other identikit International Schools in some large Asian city, teaching kids more interested in Iphone's than learning. Buy a gas mask for the smog and hope for the best.

    Yes? Read on:

    Bozhou is a small city, located in the north of Anhui province. Air Quality Index of 80-105. Situated 5hrs from Beijing & 6hrs from Shanghai by train. Bozhou International School opens its doors for the first time in September 2014. You will need experience. There will not be schemes of work set up and resources ready made, so candidates lacking in experience will be considered only if they can demonstrate exceptional self motivation and initiative. We're looking for candidates with an interest in all things Oriental.

    One of the few things this small city has in abundance is Culture. Home of Hua Mulan, the heroine of the Disney film MULAN, Bozhou is the Capital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in central China. Additionally a capital city during the 3 kingdoms Dynasty period (220AD-265AD) and home to one of the Oldest Rice Wine Distilleries (Gu Jing Gong), we have culture oozing out of the local hot springs and dripping from local vendor's food carts. It was additionally the hometown of the teacher who taught Confucius, Lao Zi and home to Hua Tou, the celebrated Doctor and father of TCM.

    Before applying please consider this: Bozhou is small! The local supermarket only started selling cheese last year, before that you had to drive 150kms+ or order from the internet. Internet Cheese, that's the type of city you're moving to, think about it. Internet Cheese.


    • Wage scale varies depending on provable experience and ranges from: 16,000rmb to 20,000rmb per month. Local wages are 12,000rmb a YEAR and tax rates are favourable as you would expect.
    • Minimum contract length of 2 years.

    • Free apartment.

    • Yearly return flight allowance.

    • Gym Membership, Tai Qi Lessons, Mandarin Course.

    • Couples and families welcome to apply.


    Video applications welcome but not essential, however every application must contain a recent photograph. Please include any pictures / scans where appropriate. Please email:

Middle School ESL Teachers

    Teaching Job Description


    Located in the capital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and home to Hua Mulan, inspiration for Disney’s movie character, Mulan, Bozhou is a 1500-year old, Tier 3 city in northern Anhui.

    We’re situated around 5 hours from both Shanghai and Beijing (by fast train).  We have a very small expat community and the city has yet to see the rapid westernization common in bigger cities. If you are looking for a Burger King and Starbucks on every corner – this is not the city for you. Living costs are approximately 1/5th of those found in Beijing and Shanghai and this is the perfect place if you are interested in learning Mandarin as we provide 3 lessons per week as part of our Mandarin course.


    Bozhou International School (Bozhou No.1 South School International Cambridge Examinations Centre) is looking to recruit 2 ESL teachers for its middle school program.


    Students will be aged from 12 - 15 years old and class sizes are kept deliberately small at 20 students so all teachers have time to give individual attention to each student. This compares to over 50 in a class in normal Chinese schools.


    The Bozhou API (Air Pollution Index) is 90 - 110, compared with 200+ for Beijing and Shanghai.


    Our Welcome pack and Orientation includes maps and locations of nearby restaurants; designated 24-hour Foreign Affairs Assistant to help settle in and deal with any minor issues in the first couple of weeks.; assistance with setting up bank accounts, SIM cards and creating a (Chinese Amazon) account for online shopping.


    Bozhou International School's (B.I.S.) senior school uses the British national standard ‘Alevel’ curriculum, however the middle school uses the national Chinese curriculum with additional focus on English.

    A complete set of teaching materials and lesson plans are provided from Oxford University Press - New Headway series of textbooks with their additional itools SMARTboard resources.


    Teaching hours: 23 per week – Due to B.I.S. being a full-time international school, there will be a small amount of flexible office hours/ECA activities/weekly training/game development in addition to the teaching hours each week. Fixed requirement to plan 3 different lesson plans per week.

    • Salary: 8000rmb (After tax) per month.

    • Teaching hours: 23 per week – Due to B.I.S. being a full-time international school, there will be a small amount of flexible office hours/ECA activities/weekly training/game development in addition to the teaching hours each week. Fixed requirement to plan 3 different lesson plans per week.

    • Accommodation: Both shared and private available.

    • Flight allowance: 6500rmb per year.

    • Holidays: Spring Festival – 2 weeks; Summer – 3.5 weeks; and national paid holidays.

    • Complimentary Mandarin course.

    • Morning Tai Qi practice.

    • Living accommodation is all within gated communities and furnished to a western standard.


    Mandarin lessons – Focus on oral skills for beginners, HSK lessons available for those wishing to pursue Mandarin at a higher level. All lessons are non-compulsory, however we always prefer teachers that have an interest in learning Chinese and Chinese culture. 


    APPLICANTS MUST BE A NATIVE SPEAKER AND PASSPORT HOLDER WITH at least 1 professionallooking picture with your application.



    Make sure your CV/resume file name contains your name – this makes it easier on our HR team.


    Please note – we highly recommend all candidates contact our existing teachers for more information about the city and life in Bozhou. 


    Teaching Job Benefits

    • Accommodation: Provided 
    • Accommodation Details: Furnished western standard apartment with internet 
    • Airfare Reimbursement: Full 
    • Airfare Description: 6500rmb per year 
    • Vacation: Spring festival and summer 
    • Airport Pickup: Not Provided 
    • Health insurance Description: Standard 
    • Training Provided: Yes 
    • Training Description:3 day orientation 


    Qualifications & Requirements

    • Required Certificates: TESL/TEFL Certificate 
    • Level of Education Required: Bachelor
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