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In a city of 3 centuries, a school with 100 years, 1 teacher to make the difference

Hello and welcome to Bozhou No.1 South School International program. The pedigree of No.1 School, with over 100 years of teaching history combined with the international scope & resources of our Foreign Experts has meant that we can now give our students the best opportunities in Anhui for international study.

We have recruited teaching staff and experts from such countries as the Uk, the US, Australia & Canada to come and join our international program to ensure that we offer the highest possible standards of education to our students.

Within the highly competitive environment of International teaching we recognise that academic excellence is only one part of the requirement for success. We are therefore providing our students with extra curricular activities and programs to ensure they are balanced and well rounded when it comes to overseas University applications. 




No. 1 School




  • Bozhou No.1 School enjoys a long and prestigious history. Initially founded in 1910 by the Bosdell Brothers, it was an American Evangelical school in the Qing Dynasty under Emperor Xuantong . It has consistently been educating the best Bozhou students for over 100 yrs. It has now expanded to 3 campuses spread over the city and has more than 6000+ students.

  • Notable students include: Ding WanDing, the first headmaster of Anhui Provincial Normal University. Fang Lianqing, Principle of Beijing University International Doctorate department. Yin Min, Communist party secretary for the world renown Science & Technology Department and additionally Head of Physics.
  • Accomplished teachers of note include: Shi Shushen, Beijing Peoples University Professor who first honed his teaching skills in Bozhou. Dr. Zhang Jun, Shanghai's famous Fundan University Head of Economics. Li DongQin, Canada's internationally renown Waterloo University head of Mechanical Engineering & micro processing





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Combining the three needs of young children: Academic - Social - Physical, our extracurricular activities encourage students to improve and practice their English within a fun and pressure free environment.  more...